Popular destination for the healthy crowd -

The Whole Foods Marketplace Shopping Center is perhaps the most visited commercial destination in Sedona after “uptown” (uptown is the heavily tourist oriented collections of shops and restaurants at the North end of town). We are in view of beautiful red rock formations and with our lush landscaping, the Marketplace is a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy the best that Sedona has to offer.

Whole Foods Organic market sits at the left end of the “mall” and is the most popular business in our complex. We have restaurants, a coffee shop and real estate services. For a complete listing of businesses go to “Who is Here”.

One of our most popular attractions is the statue of Merlin in the center of our drop off turn around. It was featured in the locally filmed “Sedona the Movie”. From here you can take a short stroll to the quiet pond and courtyard area. Our customers are welcome to take advantage of the merchants Wi-Fi (with a minimal purchase) and sit outside enjoying the scenery.

Come early – this place is popular!

Sedona TV video of Old Market Place